Michael Byron



In Pieces, an anthology, 1973
In Pieces, a second anthology, 1975
In Pieces,, 1977
From Wheelock Mountain: Music and Writings by Malcolm Goldstein, 1975



Song of the Lifting Up of the Head (Soundings Press)
Distant Light (Soundings Press)
Arcanum (Soundings Press)
Dragon Rite (Soundings Press)
Morning Glory (Soundings Press)
Starfields (Soundings Press)
A Living Room at the Bottom of a Lake Entrances (in Pieces)
Marimbas (in Pieces)
Song of the Lifting Up of the Head (in Pieces)
Music of Every Night (in Pieces)
Fragments for Robert Ashley (in Pieces)



The Journal of Experimental Aesthetics
Byron, editor, Aesthetic Research Centre of Canada

“Nothing Less than a Miracle: The Varese Record”
Byron, author: FugueMagazine

Upon Hearing a Performance of the Well-Tuned Piano
Byron, editor, ParachuteMagazine

La Monte Young: The Well‐Tuned Piano
Byron, editor, DIA Art Foundation

Marian Zazeela: The Magenta Lights
Byron, editor, DIA Art Foundation

Marian Zazeela: Light for the Raga Cycle
Byron, editor, DIA Art Foundation

The Pandit Pran Nath Instrument Collection
Byron, editor, DIA ART Foundation



In the Village of Hope, 2015—CD—Cold Blue Records
Book of Horizons, 2014--CD—New World Records
Trackings, part II, 2013—LP—Poon Village Records
Dreamers of Pearl, 2008 –CD—New World Records   
As She Sleeps, 2008—CD—Koch Records
Awakening at the Inn of the Birds, 2003 [includes title work, Evaporated Pleasure, Continents of City and Love, Tidal, As She Sleeps]—CD—Cold Blue Records
Elegant Detours, 2001—CD—Cold Blue Records
Music of Nights without Moon or Pearl, 2000 [includes title work, Invisible Seeds for James Tenney, Entrances, for four pianos]—CD—Cold Blue Record
Marimbas in the Dorian Mode, 1990—CD—Cold Blue Records
Tidal, 1982—LP—Neutral Records
Entrances, 1982—LP—Neutral Records